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07/21/2012 Katherine Asked:

What work out routine or exercises do you do to stay so slim?

07/21/2012 Gretchen's Answer:

Hi Katherine! I’m not a fitness expert, but what I find that works for me is having a balanced lifestyle. It’s important to have good nutrition and I eat everything in moderation. But, I believe the biggest factor is that I’m active! I don’t necessarily have to go to the gym for 2 hours – I’m bike riding, or going for a walk with Slade, taking the dogs to the park, or playing volleyball at the beach. Try to incorporate some of these things into your life organically so it’s not like you HAVE to go to the gym. Also, I have weights randomly all around the house, so whenever I feel like it, I'll do some reps to keep me toned! Sounds silly, but it works! One last tip, I am a huge water drinker! Drinking cold water will help increase your metabolism and may help you lose weight. Since your body needs to work to heat up the cold water, it will in turn burn calories and increase your body’s metabolic rate resulting in more energy. Hope this helps! Xoxoxo Gretchen Christine



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