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05/10/2013 coline Asked:

you mention about GC Airbrush in a Can.. what does the GC stand for and can you buy it anywhere?

05/01/2013 Samantha Asked:

My name is Samantha and I have 3 children and a wonderful husband! I have had a terrible life starting at the age of 4 so I never thought I deserved any nice things. When I have any money it always goes to something my family needs and not me. Well I'm 34yrs old now and I think I truly deserve something nice and new for once in my life! I have been watching your show religiously since It started and you have always been my favourite! I tried to find a purse to buy myself in your collection, however, it says your purses are all sold out! Is there any way I might be able to purchase one of your beautiful purses? I just love all of them, they are truly beautiful purses! Thank you for being so kind and beautiful. You are a good role model for young girls. I pray you actually write me back. Samantha Charlton

04/25/2013 Nancy Asked:

Just a comment: Congrats on your recent engagement.

04/24/2013 Jenna Asked:

Hey gretchen! What type of dogs do you have? They are so cute!

04/24/2013 Marlene Asked:

Hi Gretchen, Just wanna start off by saying your awesome!! My question you ship your products to Canada??

04/23/2013 Tiffany Asked:

Hi Gretchen: I love your house and how you have decorated it. I wish my house looked like that! One thing you have I LOVE is your sunglasses. How did you do this? What did you use to put your sunglasses on the wall stacked like they are ? Thanks!!!

04/19/2013 Karen Asked:

Hello Gretchen how do you do a smokey eye?

04/17/2013 Cara Asked:

When will your daydream & cotton candy lip glosses be back in stock?

04/08/2013 Jennifer Asked:

What kind of hairspray do ou use? Also you should know you are the BEST housewife out of ALL of the hw shows!! Thank You! Jen

04/06/2013 meagan Asked:

which foundation do you use? do you use your own make up? I love how you do your make up so Im wondering what kind of foundation you use

04/02/2013 Trecia Asked:

are you only selling your makeup online or will it come in cvs or walgreens?

03/26/2013 Amy Asked:

I like your tan do u spray tan if u do what kind do u use thanks

03/25/2013 Rachel Asked:

Hi Gretchen, What is your diet regime?

03/24/2013 kara Asked:

hey girl!! The OC women are my favorite housewives and im a jersey girl :) Anyways you have the best hair! What are some of your favorite products? (shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer, brushes)

03/21/2013 Jenny Asked:

Hi Gretchen. Firstly i cannot wait for the new series of RHOC to start in the UK sadly we have to wait until September. I was wondering do you ship to the UK? Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Jenny Hill

03/21/2013 Kathy Asked:

I've always loved your lipstick! What do you usually wear on a daily basis?

03/19/2013 Essie Asked:

Hi there gretchen I was just asking how do you make your skin so nice xxxx

03/12/2013 Tiffany Asked:

Hi there I was wondering if u send stuff to Canada

03/06/2013 Joanne Asked:

Do you sell your bags in any shop or just online? i am going to florida in 2 weeks and have been hoping to get one of your bags. (i'm from the uk)

02/26/2013 angela Asked:

Do you know when we can see season 8 here in the uk please?


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