Renew Life Hope Program

UPDATE as of Oct 18th, 2013: Well I have been doing this program now for the last few months and I have to say I am feeling 100% better and I am sooo glad I tried out this HOPE program. I think it has really made the difference for my stomach and I hope any of you who were experiencing the same issues I was having were able to try this program as well.  If not then get started today because I promise it works!  I don't even like taking supplements but I woke up everyday excited to take them because they have made  make me feel so much better.  If you tried this program with me, let me know your thoughts and experiences with it! Thanks again to all the fans and Brenda Watson for helping me with my road to recovery!

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My Fans Are the Best!

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, you might have missed me recently turning to my fans and sharing some issues I’ve been having with my stomach lately.  With all of the travelling that Slade and I are doing for work, and with the constant filming and running of our businesses, I think the stress has been catching up with me and is affecting my stomach.  Specifically I've been feeling run down, my stomach is constantly upset, and even though I've been tired, I haven't been sleeping all that well. No one likes feeling crummy, especially me because I am always on the go and have to be at my best while taking business meetings, hosting events, and doing appearances while meeting the fans.

When I reached out to you guys on twitter your feedback was unbelievable, so thank you so much!

The idea of taking probiotics and enzymes came up a number of times. Even going through a full-cleanse (if I do this Slade is going to be doing it right alongside me J) was recommended by a handful of you. One supplement company kept getting recommended - ReNew Life. I asked you all if you had tried it before and I got a positive response.  Because I was talking about it on Twitter their President & Founder Brenda Watson, who happens to be a fan of the show as well, reached out to me and offered to help me. It wasn’t long before our Direct Messages turned into an email and then a phone call to really talk through my symptoms. I mean this is the exact reason I love Twitter! Over the past week we've talked twice and she recommended a special program for me to try out. She also encouraged me to take a test to see if I'm gluten-intolerant - which many of you recommended as well. But first things first. Giving up bread and pasta is scary considering how much I love it!

With the encouragement of my fans and now Brenda Watson (ironically I found out that she’s regarded as the top "gut health" expert in the world), I'm officially on ReNew's H.O.P.E Formula. I've made a commitment to try H.O.P.E. for a couple of months. I'm excited about feeling better and I'm hopeful this helps.

Here are the products that make up the H.O.P.E. formula. Thanks to Brenda, I now have the understanding why this is a good regimen for me and what each of the products do.  However their website explains it as well.

- Organic Triple Fiber - helps with digestion and detoxification
- Norwegian Gold Super Critical Omega - fish oil supplements
-Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion Probiotic - #1 probiotic great for digestion and bowel function
-DigestMORE Ultra - an enzyme that relieves bloating and overall stomach discomfort among other things

If any of you are having similar issues as me, I encourage you to try the program with me and let’s talk on social media and see what we think. I promise to keep you guys abreast with how I'm feeling while on H.O.P.E. and also share my thoughts on ReNew. I'm really thankful to Brenda and her team for reaching out to me and taking the time to care about my health enough to get me on a special program.

Now listen - I know this doesn’t replace what a doctor can recommend. However, before I go spend all this money on doctor’s appointments and blood tests etc. I thought I would try the more natural way with supplements; and if that makes me feel better I can avoid all the hassle of doctors and appointments etc., which I love!

Wish me luck! And thanks again to all my amazing fans for helping me with my journey.

Xoxo Gretchen Christine

OK Magazine: 'RHOC' Star Gretchen Rossi Reveals Her Workout Tips & Explains the Jack in the Box Outi

With Valentine's Day coming up (TOMORROW!) and having just celebrating my 4 year anniversary with Slade this past weekend, OK Magazine invited me to chat about love and life - you can see that interview here. Maybe I was hungry, but while we were at it, we talked about food (Jack in the Box haha!), health and fitness! See a snippet of our chat below or read the full article here.

OK! How do you stay in such great shape?
Gretchen Rossi: It truly is about moderation. It took me literally 30 years to get that concept. I am very in tune with my body now and I know when I need to watch what I’m eating or when I can allow myself to indulge.  In the last five years I’ve been in the best shape of my life and I haven’t dieted and that’s the first time that I’ve ever been in good shape.  I’ve learned to just allow myself to just be.  I’ve learned that my body has these patterns now. When it’s right before my period I just feel really gross and bloated and I get so hungry. I eat anything and everything for the entire week and I’ve just allowed myself to not feel guilty about those things anymore because I know as soon as my period is over I’m going to feel great again.  So you have to get in tune with your body and learn to just be in those different stages of that month of whatever stages your body is going through. Being in shape and being healthy is mind, body and spirit.

OK! What's a standard breakfast, lunch and dinner for you?

GR: For breakfast I'll usually have yogurt and granola or turkey bacon or I’ll have hard-boiled eggs or I’ll have over easy eggs. I don’t do the egg whites because I feel like the yolk is really good for your body. I feel like when I eat the yolk it helps keep my hair shiny. For lunch, I typically just make a sandwich here at home with turkey and lettuce. If I feel crazy I will put other meats in there. I love mustard so I’ll add that and that’s a normal lunch for me if I’m home. If I’m out I’ll have a salad or salmon. The same thing goes for dinner. I rotate through my food, which sounds funny, but one night a week I’ll have fish. Another night I’ll have chicken, another night I’ll have meat and then every couple of weeks I’ll have more of a starchy dinner like pasta or I’ll eat pizza. I'll always try to have some sort of a vegetable with dinner. I love red and green squash with olive and salt and pepper.

OK! Do you ever eat fast food?
GR: It's so funny because I get all these tweets about when people see me on the show and they're like, 'You're always driving through Jack in the Box!' I laugh because most of the time we're driving through Jack in the Box it's because we're filming so much and we haven't eaten that day and it's like, 'We have to eat some food!' So we go through a drive through and it always happens to be Jack in the Box! It's not like I'm eating there every day. It's maybe once a month at the most.

OK! What would you like to say to your fans?
GR: I want to make sure people know they need to just give themselves a break. In time they will get to a great place. I think people get so skewed by Hollywood and they see all of us in these magazines and we're PhotoShopped or whatever and people think, 'Oh gosh if only I could look like that,' and the truth of the matter is I am the same as they are. I wake up every day and I struggle. I feel fat some days and it's just really having a healthy lifestyle and giving yourself a break.

Read the full article here.

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

10 tips for making healthy choices when eating out at a restaurant

Hey Guys! Here are some great tips from my Personal Trainer Ken Rawlins! It really has helped me when eating out, so wanted to share it with you too! Hope these great tips help!

1. Portion sizes in American restaurants are huge!  Before you start your meal you should make a pact with yourself to eat half and take half to go.  If you don’t think you have the willpower to stick to your pact, you should ask that the wait staff wrap half of the meal in advance.

2. Know your menu.  Some restaurants take the time and effort to add a “heart healthy” icon to low-cholesterol, low-fat, and low-sodium meals.  Other restaurants add a “healthy choices” section.  I always look for those first.

3. Be cautious with those appetizers – they are usually fried and loaded with fat and calories.  Some exceptions are edamame, low-sodium soups, shrimp cocktails, and vegetables, as long as they’re not fried.

4. Don’t torture yourself with that bowl of chips or basket of bread – just ask that it be removed from the table!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  If it’s not on the menu, then tell them you have an “off the menu request”.

6. When you have a choice for a side dish, choose vegetables every time.  Tip:  It helps to not even look at the other options, just say, “Vegetables.”

7. When you are asked how you want your meat cooked, choose one of these options:  steamed, grilled, or baked.

8. Salad dressings and sodium-rich sauces are not your friend.  Avoid all salad dressings, anything creamy, like hollandaise sauce.  The same goes for “Cream of Broccoli” soup – it sounds healthy because it has broccoli in it, but it’s not!  Creams are laden with fat and calories.  Tip: If you really need a salad dressing, you can go with olive oil and vinegar on the side.

9. Limit yourself to one glass of wine.  Alcohol loosens your inhibitions and sometimes this results in overeating.

10. Eat slowly, savor each bite, enjoy your company and turn off your cell phone.  Don’t forget that living in the moment is part of your healthy lifestyle!

A little goes a long way! For more info about Ken, or to train with Ken go to

xoxoxo Gretchen

How to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

If you’re like me, I’m sure health and fitness is at the top of your new year’s resolution list. It’s important to stay in shape, eat healthy, and feel good so I have lots of energy to grow my businesses, film the show, and do everything else I need to do on a daily basis. Since we often have good intentions, but all too often lose steam to keep this goal going, I thought I’d share a few of my tips to make sure you stay on track:

Have a realistic and attainable goal. Throw out any resolutions to look like a Victoria’s Secret runway model. God has made each one of us different, with our own specific body type and shape. We need to learn to be content with who we are, and pray for that strength as we take on any new workout or when trying to change eating habits. Honestly, resolving to look like Miranda Kerr is not realistic for most of us. But, pursuing daily physical activity, looking food and feeling good in our lives is very possible.

Craft a plan. Write a comprehensive plan on how you plan to achieve your fitness goals. Just like all successful businesses start with a business plan that describes a mission and specifics on how they will achieve it, detailing the specifics on your own personal plan will likely help you achieve them more, too.

Break down your goals so you’re not overwhelmed. Set several smaller goals to achieve throughout the year that will get you to the one big goal you have in mind. For example, if your goal is to run a half-marathon, make it less intimidating. Start with running a mile, or a 5K, then lead up to a 10K, and so forth. That way, if you aren't able to reach your final goal, you will have made many smaller, but still very significant, achievements along the way.

Give it time. Don’t expect overnight results! Most experts agree that it takes about 21 days to create a habit and six months for it to actually become a part of your daily life.

Be accountable. Friends and family are the best support system, so ask them to help you so they can encourage you throughout the year, as well as be people you’re accountable to.

Finally, take the pressure off yourself!  Know that no matter what, if you are happy on the inside it will reflect on the outside, no matter how big, small or fit you are. You have to be comfortable in your own skin; no one can decide what is best for your body but you. Don't try to be another person's size! That will never happen.

What are your other NYE resolutions?

Happy 2012 to everyone!
xoxoxo Gretchen Christine

My Favorite Cocktail, Only 95 Calories!

Did you know that a cosmopolitan can contain over 300 calories? If you're counting your calories everyday, this is a pretty big portion of your meals. Instead of filling your daily intake by drinking empty calories, try my favorite cocktail, the Voli Pink Lemonade, only 95 calories!

I like to use Voli Light Vodkas because it has 25%-40% fewer calories than other vodkas. Also, their flavored vodkas are made with natural ingredients. To make Pink Lemonade, I use Voli lemon vodka. Here's the receipe:

Pink Lemonade
2 oz. Voli Lemon
1 oz. lemon juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup or 1 sweetner
Splash of club soda
Splash of diet or regular cranberry juice

Method: Add all ingredients except club soda.
Shake and strain over ice. Top with club soda.

Glass: Highball

This is my favorite cocktail at the moment, but Voli has a bunch of other yummy low calorie mixes on their website, like the cucumber martini, sympathy for the devil, blushing berry, the flirt and the creamsicle. Check out more low calorie recipes here.

What's your signature drink?

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine


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