My personal story of how I stay fit and heathly

Hi Everyone! I am constantly receiving a lot of questions in regards to my workout and diet tips and how I stay in shape. So here I will offer some easy tips of how I stay "healthy and fit" and look good without a lot of time or money!
Top Four Tips and Tricks:
1.     Moderate Exercise- weaving a little bit into your everyday lifestyle
2.     Healthy Eating without denying yourself of anything
3.     A great Supplement – Like Thermogenic Push for Female-available at your local GNC. I have been using this product the last 3 months and feel in love with it and the results! For more info on this great product go here…..
4.      A Great Tan! There are a lot of products to choose from on the market, but try my Gretchen Christine Formula if you haven’t found one you love yet! Smells great and gets you a great California Glow
        First things first take the pressure off yourself!  Know that no matter what if you are happy on the inside it will reflect on the outside, no matter how big, small or fit you are. You have to be comfortable in your own skin; no one can decide what is best for your body but you.  Don't try to be another person's size, that will never happen. God has made each one of us different, teach yourself to be content with whom you are, pray for that strength as you take on any new work-out or when trying to change your eating habits. My faith and my relationship with God is what helped me beat my eating disorder and get back to a place of being healthy.  Believe it or not I use to be overweight for my body and height (just see some of my before pictures that people like to plaster all over the internet) People want to say I have had a lot of surgery done to my face, and the fact is no surgery was involved. It is called losing weight, getting healthy, and honestly probably due to better make-up.

 I didn't know how to control my appetite and I constantly yo-yo dieted.  My second season of Housewives I even spoke openly to the press in regards to the eating disorder I developed in high school because of my poor body image. When I hit my lowest point I realized I needed to get help or I was going to kill myself both emotionally and physically.  I also decided to get educated and I got my personal trainer license and a certification in Nutrition.  I learned what it takes to keep the body full of energy, but how to not overeat, and most importantly how to give myself a break.  It has been years to get to this point, it didn't just happen overnight, but I did it and I am proud to say now I live a very healthy and happy lifestyle.  

I don't go to the gym anymore, not because I don't think it is important but because I just don't have the time to take 2 hours anymore to go. Between growing two companies, filming, and the extensive traveling I do for work, I have had to compensate in other ways.  I have learned to never make excuses but rather find other ways to incorporate working out and "health" into my lifestyle.  We will always try to find an excuse for why we can't do something, but don't allow yourself to get away with that.  If you want it bad enough you will always find a way to take care of yourself.

A simple solution for me is to have weights everywhere in the house and do reps throughout the day (I  use 5-10lbs weights) If I’m watching TV, I don’t just sit on the couch and watch it I am on the floor doing my push-ups or my sit-ups. I use the stairs in my home, my exercise ball and my own body weight to exercise. Honestly sometimes Slade will come down stairs and as I am stirring the meat sauce with one hand and the other arm has a weight in it and I am doing a set of bicep curls.  Slade always looks at me like I am crazy, but eventually caught on and now is doing the same thing throughout the day, which has helped him loose about 15lbs!  When I travel I take my rubber bands with me ( and work out with those, I always do my floor exercises and use my own body weight.  You can do a lot without a gym you just have to get creative.  I have taken water bottles before and done bicep curls, triceps or shoulder presses with them in each hand.  It works! A little bit of something is better than nothing.  I am also very active I ride bicycles, run, roller blade, hike, anything that gets me outside for some cardio during the week.

Now to my eating habits; I eat all day long, literally almost every 2-3 hours!  Not a full meal but little bits of everything, mostly healthy, but I don't deprive myself of Anything! I just have learned how to control my portions and how to eat till I am full…. not stuffed! Now like I said this has taken a lot of trial and error and some years to retrain my body and my mind to recognize when I am satisfied.  So don't beat yourself up if you screw up (by the way I still screw up days) don't worry, you have the next day to make it right! The stress alone we put on ourselves is very detrimental to our overall health goal.

I will have some turkey slices, or apples and peanut butter, raw vegetables with some dressing, nuts, baked chips, fruit, cheese, and little bit of sweets too all day long! I have sandwiches or salads for lunch most of time and fish, chicken or lean meat for dinner with some side portions of half a potato, small amount of rice, salad, or vegetables. I have a couple bites of deserts always!  If I feel like pizza or ice cream I have some, but I just have a piece or a couple of scoops, not sit down and eat the whole carton!  I have learned that when I deprive myself of things my body just wants it even more! Listen to your body, but control in your mind how much you eat of something.  Don't look at a day of overeating as a failure, look at it as an opportunity to do better the next day!

Take baby steps, you will feel rewarded in just taking a little time a day to do some squats, push-ups, sit-ups or arm strengthening  exercises.  Remember don't be so hard on yourself, take it one day at a time and you will start to see the weight come off.  Hope some of these tips and tricks help you guys!
Gretchen Christine
Please note that everyone’s workout routine and daily food intake is different so be sure to consult your doctor about what is best for you before taking anyone else’s advice.

Drink Water & Lose Weight!

It’s obvious that our bodies need water, but were you aware of all the fabulous benefits from drinking water? Drinking cold water will help increase your metabolism and may help you lose weight. Since your body needs to work to heat up the cold water, will in turn burn calories and increase your body’s metabolic rate resulting in more energy!

Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. The sensation of hunger and thirst are triggered together. So when you start feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water. If you are not hungry after a few minutes, your body was just dehydrated.

Experts say to drink 64 ounces of water daily (8 glasses) or for every two pounds of your body weight, drink one ounce of water and if you exercise daily, you need to drink more to make up all the water your sweating out.

Now that you’ve read this, go grab a tall glass of water. Cheers!!

Xoxox Gretchen


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