Press & Media: Reality Tea - Week in Photos March 15th


"Gretchen Rossi and beau Slade Smiley arrive for a Stop Staring fashion show in Los Angeles on March 12."

Thanks RealityTea! The Stop Staring Fashion Show for LA Fashion week was fabulous! Check out their 2012 Fall/Winter Collection here. Or stop staring and start shopping on their site here. Super cute stuff - I have a few of their dresses!

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine
March 21, 2012 2:16 AM Your Says:

Hi Gretchen, Just want to say I admire you for what u stand for. The "heated" discussion between you and Vicki was pretty crazy but an arguement that needed to happen. Some people like to think their always right, even when their wrong. And most importantly, they really don't hear anyone elses message but their own. Congratulations to you, you've proven integrity and character will always prevail if you fight for what is right.


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