OK Magazine: 'RHOC' Star Gretchen Rossi Reveals Her Workout Tips & Explains the Jack in the Box Outi

With Valentine's Day coming up (TOMORROW!) and having just celebrating my 4 year anniversary with Slade this past weekend, OK Magazine invited me to chat about love and life - you can see that interview here. Maybe I was hungry, but while we were at it, we talked about food (Jack in the Box haha!), health and fitness! See a snippet of our chat below or read the full article here.

OK! How do you stay in such great shape?
Gretchen Rossi: It truly is about moderation. It took me literally 30 years to get that concept. I am very in tune with my body now and I know when I need to watch what I’m eating or when I can allow myself to indulge.  In the last five years I’ve been in the best shape of my life and I haven’t dieted and that’s the first time that I’ve ever been in good shape.  I’ve learned to just allow myself to just be.  I’ve learned that my body has these patterns now. When it’s right before my period I just feel really gross and bloated and I get so hungry. I eat anything and everything for the entire week and I’ve just allowed myself to not feel guilty about those things anymore because I know as soon as my period is over I’m going to feel great again.  So you have to get in tune with your body and learn to just be in those different stages of that month of whatever stages your body is going through. Being in shape and being healthy is mind, body and spirit.

OK! What's a standard breakfast, lunch and dinner for you?

GR: For breakfast I'll usually have yogurt and granola or turkey bacon or I’ll have hard-boiled eggs or I’ll have over easy eggs. I don’t do the egg whites because I feel like the yolk is really good for your body. I feel like when I eat the yolk it helps keep my hair shiny. For lunch, I typically just make a sandwich here at home with turkey and lettuce. If I feel crazy I will put other meats in there. I love mustard so I’ll add that and that’s a normal lunch for me if I’m home. If I’m out I’ll have a salad or salmon. The same thing goes for dinner. I rotate through my food, which sounds funny, but one night a week I’ll have fish. Another night I’ll have chicken, another night I’ll have meat and then every couple of weeks I’ll have more of a starchy dinner like pasta or I’ll eat pizza. I'll always try to have some sort of a vegetable with dinner. I love red and green squash with olive and salt and pepper.

OK! Do you ever eat fast food?
GR: It's so funny because I get all these tweets about when people see me on the show and they're like, 'You're always driving through Jack in the Box!' I laugh because most of the time we're driving through Jack in the Box it's because we're filming so much and we haven't eaten that day and it's like, 'We have to eat some food!' So we go through a drive through and it always happens to be Jack in the Box! It's not like I'm eating there every day. It's maybe once a month at the most.

OK! What would you like to say to your fans?
GR: I want to make sure people know they need to just give themselves a break. In time they will get to a great place. I think people get so skewed by Hollywood and they see all of us in these magazines and we're PhotoShopped or whatever and people think, 'Oh gosh if only I could look like that,' and the truth of the matter is I am the same as they are. I wake up every day and I struggle. I feel fat some days and it's just really having a healthy lifestyle and giving yourself a break.

Read the full article here.

xoxoxo Gretchen Christine
July 31, 2013 12:09 AM Yvette Says:

I understand what Gretchen is saying about moderation, and not being hard on yourself. But I also get what Danielle is saying too. I think that Gretchen is trying to say what helps her the most which is having a mantra because no person can be 100% consistent in a workout regimen unless it's their job. That is what we can benefit the most from. It would be great to know though, what her routine is and how often she does it, because she is in great shape.

June 17, 2013 5:23 PM Julie Says:

Thanks, Danielle for that comment. I came on this site to see what Gretchen does/like for workouts and all I read was...I walk, I have weights around the house, etc. What else do you like to do? Spin? Pilates? There HAS to be more to it.

April 03, 2013 7:12 AM Danielle Says:

Gretchen, for all of the women who look up to you, it would be helpful if you mentioned that you use a personal trainer as well. You recently posted pics with your trainer but you never mention it above. Be real with your audience, share some of the workouts you do with your trainer. Walking around the house all day holding 5-10 lb weights has not gotten you to where you are. You have an opportunity to expand yourself and your brand so do it by being honest and real with your fans.


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