Christmas 2010

Hi Guys!

I know these pictures from Christmas are waaaaaaaay over due, but I have been so jam packed since 2011 started and just now been able to sit still to upload these photos for you all too see. Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently as I have promised to post them for you!  I love that my fans are so interested in what goes on in my home and with my family outside of the show! I love to share my personal photos with you guys (even if it means seeing me with no make-up on and not very cute) This is the more vulnerable and candid side to my life and my family.

The Holiday started with a really fun Christmas get together at my house! Slade and I had lots of friends and family over including Jim and Alexis from the show (if you are a fan of the show) and I have included pictures from that night in the album as well.

We celebrated Christmas Morning at my home and in the pictures you will see my whole family was there! It was a very special Christmas because my brother and his wife are PREGNANT! So I am going to be an aunt for the first time! Christmas was hilarious this year because we don’t even have the baby here yet and most of the presents under the tree were for him (it’s a boy and his name is going to be Wyatt!) Goes to show how much this family has been waiting for a grandson and nephew huh!

My Sister and her Husband came down from Washington to be with us this Christmas and next year will be back in New York to share with his family.  Mom and Dad of course you see in the pics, and in a few of the pics you get to see how Mom made Dad cry this year with a photo album of pictures of him growing up that my Dad has never even seen before! It was a pretty special moment!

You’ll see me decorating the house in my awesome Polar Bear P.J’s (haha) and all the special ways I like to decorate the house for the Holidays! Slade was a huge help this year in decorating and did most of the outside while I worked on the inside!

Some of the pictures you can see me with my baby boys (doggies) spoiling them of course with dog treats and goodies and everyone in the family spoils them too, so that took a good hour to get through all their gifts!  Some of the pictures you see me crying and that is because of the special gift I got from Slade, which was a pearl necklace I have been eyeing for a while now!

You’ll also see pictures with Slade and his sons from the holidays! They sure love their Dad and it is always so wonderful to have the house full of kids! See my full photo album here!

Christmas this year was full of such joy and happiness, and all I could think about- even after all the gift giving- is that the only thing I ever need is my family to be the happiest girl on the planet!!

Happy Birthday Jesus and I hope everyone’s Holidays were wonderful!

Wishing you all a very successful and wonderful 2011!

xoxo Gretchen Christine


Beauty Community Tip of the Week: Feed Your Hair

Everyone always asks me about my hair and how I keep it shinny and looking healthy.  Obviously keeping it cut, deep conditioning treatments, and the right products- that don't strip the hair of its natural oils- always help, but beauty always starts from the inside. Eating the correct things really help with keeping your hair, nails and skin looking great!

I love to eat! But it's important to eat what's good for your body - and for your hair! Just like how your diet effects they way your skin and body looks and feels - the same goes for your hair! If you are trying to grow out your hair, try eating more soy. Stengthen your hair with types of vitamin B, like B2, B6 and B12 found in avocados, tuna and bananas. Vitamin B is known to carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and improve hair strength. For a triple threat, try GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid found in flaxseed, pistachios, olives, and primrose oil. GLA encourages hair growth, a natural and healthy shine, and fights dandruff. It's hard to add GLA to your everyday diet, but it really pays off! 

Then there are foods to avoid, like processed foods, caffeine, and junk food. These can really reamove the lights from your hair and dry it out. Unfortunately, changing your diet can't fix the hair you already have, it only affects the new hair growth. So try this, boost up your daily diet with vitamin B, soy or omega-6 fatty acids and cut back on junk food for 3 months and see if your hair is looking stronger, healthier and shinier!

More hair tips to come!
xoxox Gretchen


The Ultimate Pajama Party

Had the best time this past weekend in freezing Minnesota! I woke up on Saturday morning to this on the news, ”We are the coldest state in the country today at 5 below zero.” Holy Smokes Batman I thought to myself - what in the world was I doing in freezing Minnesota when it was about 75 degrees back in California! Well then the charity called Dress for Success came back to my mind and all those thoughts drifted away! I went to Minnesota to help raise money for the Charity Dress for Success and what a success it was! I made a few appearances that cold Saturday morning, starting with channel 9 news!  I flew in from Cali at 1am Friday night and had to be up at 5:30am for the news; I was exhausted but kept going strong for the day of events ahead.

I headed to the mall next for an appearance and got to meet so many wonderful fans! Next up was the VIP meet and greet from 5-6 with a photo opportunity with my fans! I had to get in a business meeting from 6-7 with my friends at Shop NBC and then headed over to the big event... The Ultimate Pajama Party! For more info and fun pics go to:

It was a night of mani’s and pedi’s, massages, and psychics, bands and dancers, pictures and laughs! I must give credit to the fabulous and amazing Tammy Hauser from the Idea Factory for putting on such a great event! It was jammed packed with fun and girly stuff to do! There was even a mini Rodeo Drive so we all could go shopping and of course I shopped! Got the cutest boot covers and flower clip that I can’t wait to wear! I even showcased some of my handbags from the Gretchen Christine Collection, which were a big hit as well!  Everyone was so kind and generous!  I had such a fun night hosting and raising money with Wendi Russo my co-host from Shop NBC and we auctioned off some hotties!

I am hoping that the Ultimate Pajama Party goes on the road, because this is a party no girl would want to miss!  All the glitz, glam and fashion a girl could every want but in the comfort of her PJ’s! Now that is what I am talking about!

Click here to check out my photo album of my busy and fun day in Minnesota! Till next time ladies!

Gretchen Christine


Beauty Community Tip of the Week: Magnetic Beauty

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about retinol, an anti-aging ingredient used in a lot of facial creams. This week, I came across an ancient process that is making a comeback - magnetic therapy! You may have already seen the bracelets worn by celebrities, friends and neighbors that help in balance and overall wellness, but have you ever tried skin care products with magnetic particles? According to experts, magnets possess both anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that may help reduce wrinkles. They say magnetic simulation gets idle tissue fluids flowing which remove waste products and increases cell metabolism.

If you have problem skin, try iLike Organic Skin Care Magnetic Skin Therapy which helps treat acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. To help minimize wrinkles, fine lines and dark under eye circles try La Mer the Eye Concentrate which is fortified with magnetic minerals.

There are a lot of research available about the benefits of magnetic therapy, yet there are still a lot of people that claim that it's just a bunch of baloney. Have you tried it? And what do you believe?

xoxoxo Gretchen

Drink Water & Lose Weight!

It’s obvious that our bodies need water, but were you aware of all the fabulous benefits from drinking water? Drinking cold water will help increase your metabolism and may help you lose weight. Since your body needs to work to heat up the cold water, will in turn burn calories and increase your body’s metabolic rate resulting in more energy!

Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. The sensation of hunger and thirst are triggered together. So when you start feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water. If you are not hungry after a few minutes, your body was just dehydrated.

Experts say to drink 64 ounces of water daily (8 glasses) or for every two pounds of your body weight, drink one ounce of water and if you exercise daily, you need to drink more to make up all the water your sweating out.

Now that you’ve read this, go grab a tall glass of water. Cheers!!

Xoxox Gretchen


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