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Hi Everyone
Welcome to my closet! You asked for it so I am giving it to you! So many people have requested me to share where I get my clothes, hats, bathing suits, accessories; so here is the place you can find out and also have the opportunity to purchase some items that I am passing along to you guys! I also have had so many requests come in about my home and where I purchase my decor; furniture, accessories, candle holders, decorating and color schemes ideas. This section of my site will also be the place where I will give you my own personal tips, tricks and ideas regarding home decor. There will also be opportunities to purchase some of my personal home decor from time to time as well.
Here's how it will on Gretchen's Closet and it will bring up all the different items and sections that will be available. Click on the item you are interested in and it will guide you to bid on those items in my eBay store.
Many of you have asked where I got a certain item from, but it is no longer available in stores so this is my way of helping you have access to those favorite pieces. I will also include some other pieces in my closet that you may not have seen before now! Remember that there is probably only one of each product, so if you really want a particular item be sure to check back often.
I also will be taking requests of things you saw me wear on the show or that you have seen me wear in press pictures, so send me those pictures (if you have them) and requests to I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for visiting my closet! Hope you enjoy all the items!

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