Project Pink Runway Fashion Show - Opening

Here\'s a short segment from Project Pink Runway Show! Opening the show with the beautiful Hasti, Slade did an excellent job co-hosting the event! I had such an amazing time! Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support. Also a huge thank you to the three brave cancer survivors who shared their heartfelt stories in front of everyone. It was absolutely amazing! More photos, videos and info to come!

July 23, 2011 3:06 AM claire Says:

think ur amazin hun my friends daughter passed at the age a 5 due too cancer i also lost my grandad too it it was awfull the pain a not being able to do nothin for them is horrid u did so well princess i love ya too bits think ur great all my love claire xxxx

March 08, 2011 12:09 PM Vicki Says:

Slade did an awesome job introducing you! He was at ease and showed no signs of being nervous at all. I'm very proud of him, for coming in and being on the show, considering it was something he did NOT want to do, and I'm proud of you Gretchen for for your continued support in the cancer community. I wrote Alexis weeks ago and asked her to add ST. Jude Childrens Research Hospital to her list of favorite charities as my late son ( second son, Jonathan ) was a patient there for six years. They provide so much FREE services that many are not aware of, and never ask for any thing in return. NO insurance, no problem. Please help the late Danny Thomas fulfill his last wish to close the doors of this hospital. That would mean a cause and cure of Leukemia and other cancers have been found. Jeff would be proud, and so many children lives will be saved and parents all over the world would be spared the unimaginable grief and heartache my husband and I went through. I sent Gretchen a short blog about ST.Jude, and she said Bravo picked it up. Please ask to read it to see what services they provide for the family. I have written a journal/book about the other families there we met, the other children, the antics they did, the grief they encountered and the happy times. It kept me sane after my son passed away at the age of nine. Thanks again Gretchen for your continued support, and hugs to Slade. I know it was not easy for him. Do NOT pay attention to other wives when they pick on you. It is nothing but extreme jealousy. That is as obvious as the nose on their overly tanned faces. Love you, Vicki Haynes


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