All Black with a Little Bling

All Black with a Little Bling

Normally I don’t do all black but I was wanting to go with a simple and timeless look for the my Holiday Party.  I had found this AMAZING skirt from Nordstroms that I was just obsessed with! So my whole outfit was designed around this fabulous skirt.

First I decided to add a simple black bodysuit because I wanted something sleek and not too overwhelming for the top because the focus was going to be the skirt and the fabulous bow.DSC00088

Next I added a Chanel Brooch to my assemble for a little extra flare and I decided to put it right in the middle of the bow which added a perfect touch of bling  which also helped break up the solid black.

I added one of my favorite pairs of Valentino’s Shoes to complete my look, which helped bring class as well as pulled in the bling from the Chanel brooch.  I keep my accessories simple and only wore some simple black and diamond studs, no other pieces were necessary with this look.DSC00098

One of my favorite things to do when planning an outfit/ look is to decide what kind of hairstyle and makeup look will really compliment the style.

I really wanted a fabulous yet fun hairstyle to make this look feel fresh, and timeless.  So I decided on a braided hairstyle and my hairstylist Victor Paul and I had a great time with this concept.  We added my extra long halo of hair so my braid could be long down the front and he braided the front of my hair, then he took that braid and twisted it into a flower like bun on the side of my headDSC00108

Then we tied a rubber band around the remaining hair and pulled it all to one side and then fishtailed that portion of the hair in order to make a a long fabulous braided style. This is honestly one of my most favorite hairstyles I have ever done.DSC00064

This look allowed my face to show more, and so I opted for more of a natural look on my eyes, only doing eyeliner on the top and no liner on the bottom on my eyes. Using extra flirty lashes from my line called Doll Me Up Lashes.  These are just fabulous lashes that give you that doll like effect.DSC00084I used a mixture of my Gretchen Christine lip liner in the color Rose all over my lip with my  Dior Red Lip Stick on top. As you know when you do a strong lip it is better to keep the eyes more simple.

I felt I accomplished the exact look I was going for and it was a fabulous night with my friends celebrating the Holiday. Here are some more angles and pics of the look

Hope you enjoyed your Holidays as well.  Show me your fabulous fashion and beauty looks on instagram and tag #GetGlamwithGretchen for a chance to be re-grammed.

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And of course don’t forget to Stay Glam xo

Gretchen Christine

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