My workout / fitness and health routine

My workout / fitness and health routine


Thanks for all the sweet comments and love on my post in this bikini! On this post I got asked so many questions about how I stay in shape, what I do for fitness, and what I eat, so below I’m sharing some of my secrets 🤗 but first let’s keep it 💯 real  ( I gained 10lbs doing two rounds of IVF back to back so maybe a little more meat on my bones is doing a body good 😜 ......but besides that.....

#1. It took 922,000 pictures and 900 different angles (lol) to get some pictures that I actually liked. I have a professional camera, with amazing lighting, and soft skin effect, that helps camouflage my imperfections! I DO have cellulite and parts of my body that don’t look good if taken in the wrong lighting or angle (obviously I don’t post those) So please don’t beat yourself up for looking at others pictures on Instagram. I happen to take a lot of pictures for my business and therefore know a lot about lighting and angles to get a good pic 👍🏻 

Now as far as my workouts go 

A. I work a lot, so I can’t just spend all day at the gym. As a matter of fact I don’t go to a gym. I have created a gym inside my garage so I can work out from home at the times that work around my work schedule for the day.  I “workout” about 3-4 days a week, however I am active every single day doing something like walking the dogs, riding my road bike, climbing stairs, gardening around the house etc. (All of those things count and help you to stay in shape) 

B. As many of you already know I hurt my back a few yrs ago so unfortunately I can’t do the same exercises I used to be able to do, so I have had to really improvise. One of my favorite tools to use are (click here 👉🏻 ) exercise bands (especially for my legs) You can take them everywhere and do so many great exercises with them. (Check out the many great you tube videos on how to use them) I do work out with weights as well which is super important to keep you toned & strong, but I can’t do a ton of weight with my legs anymore because of my back injury. I typically do about 40 minutes to an hour of weights and floor exercises, which includes sit-ups, push-ups, leg work, booty work, and 10-15lb weights for my arm exercises. (But if your just starting out use 5lbs till you get your form correct and get stronger) 

C. But here is a little secret I have been keeping.....Due to my back injury I have been trying to find a product /exercise that is a good substitute for squats but could not find anything, so since you all were asking what I do for exercise on my last post I’m going to tell you what I have been actually using as of late. I am currently helping develop a product that will emulate similar movements as a squat and or work the same muscle groups (your booty & thighs) without it hurting your back 🙏🏻🙌🏻. I have been using the prototype for the last few months and I am seeing great results💪🏻  So I’m excited to hopefully introduce you all to that product soon (seems like you guys think it’s working too based off your sweet comments) so it’s fun for me to share with you in advance about it. 😉

D. Lastly and certainly about 80% of being fit is eating right! I know I know, I hate this part too because I am a foodie, but I watch what I eat for sure! You just have to, especially as you get older. However I am not a crazed health nut. I believe that everything should be in moderation. I drink, I have dessert, and I enjoy my life. I will tell you this for sure, every-time I try a diet it does not work! And every time I deprive myself of something that makes me crash and burn as well! So again all about moderation! However I do love using my @310nutrition shakes to help me look and feel my best, or keep me on track, or help me loose a little weight when I need too. I also like products that help with bloat 🙌🏻❤️  My daily meals consists of lean protein, vegetables, and salads. I will at some point write out a more detailed list of my meals if you guys want that. Let me know below in the comments if you want that. 

Remember don’t beat yourself up, do a little bit each day and set small goals so you don’t fail. (For instance: do 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 15 lunges on each leg, then each day build from there) Hope this helps you guys!

Thanks again for all the sweet comments and for inquiring about what I do to stay in shape! Love you guys! You got this! 💪🏻

Stay Glam


Gretchen Christine 






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